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xxbowloforanges's Journal

Bowl Of Oranges
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Bowl Of Oranges
version 2.0 - Natalie Portman


Bowl of Oranges is an icontest with challenge subjects voted on by you. For the first few challenges that may not be the case as I'm sure the numbers will be small but as soon as we have enough members to hold a vote on the subject of the challenge it will be all up to you. The mods will choose a few topics based on your own personal icons and perhaps even your music listing on your personal journal and of course, we're more than willing to hear your suggestion. Though you as a member get to choose the topic, I get to choose what pictures are involved, whether or not song lyrics will be involved, whether or not quotes will be involved and more importantly, the rules in the challenge. There's no particular preference over animated icons or not and unless stated, both are accepted. The Mods have no sway over the topics of the challenges and will not hold any bias towards anything. Our interests are listed under said category below just for reference and will not hold ANY BIAS over the topics chosen for the challenges. </color>


[x] All icons must follow LJ standards. (100x100, no more than 40k, jpg, gif and png formats.)
[x] Mods may not interfere with voting for anything including topic and challenges.
[x] No nudity, pornography, gay or lesbian topics please. The mods have no problem with most of these things but as the community has open membership I cannot promise not to offend anyone so it's best to just keep these things off of the list. If this offends you, please don't hesitate to contact the mods.
[x] Please post your icon as an image as well as provide the link to the icon. All entries to a contest will be screened and should be posted under where it tells you to post your icon. Post example:

[x] No name calling or other means of being outwardly cruel to other members of the community as it will result in instant banning from the community.
[x] Follow all rules set in a challenge or you will be disqualified from it.</color>



SUBMIT ICONS: Friday - Wednesday

VOTING: Thursday - Sunday



Current Challenge: Little Known Rockstars-


KATIE: [aim] cookiegirl506 [journal] cookiegirl506
KRYSSY: [aim] vintage rockstar [journal] dancinponies


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